Perfume | パフューム

This is an unofficial discord for the J-Pop band, Perfume! This is *NOT* for a discord for perfumes, fragrances etc.

Perfume | パフューム

Created: June 07, 2016

Members: 1573

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Established in 2016, this is the largest known Discord for the J-Pop band **Perfume**. Chat with **hundreds** of other like minded Perfume fans!

Long time fan? Flex your collection or experiences. New fan? No worries, this is a great place to start!

__ Other Cool Stuff__

– Dedicated **News** and **Media** channels for up to date information
– Fan built **Compendium** filled with Perfume’s history
– **Events** tracking current Perfume TV appearances, music releases and concerts
– **Spoiler channels** for new releases and tours
– Access to even more Perfume **stickers and emoji** through our Partner servers
– Access controlled **Downloads**
– **Friendly** atmosphere and **relaxed** moderation
– Much, much more!

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