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Shaiya War | Highest Quality Server

Created: April 14, 2019

Members: 1438

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Shaiya War of Legends
Full Free Pvp/Pve Server

2 Million Kill Reset with Reward
Option Npc to Go
2 Million Kill Rate
Inventory NPC Buttons
R Slot 12x
Class/Faction Stone
1.Guild can use Stones/Items
Sound Effect for Actions
Guild Leader Quest
3.Skill Bar
Custom Graphic Options
Tag/Remove Stone
FPS Boost and Addons On/Off Settings
Small Buff and Effect Settings
Raid Last Kill Notice for Relog
Mount Attack
Mob Mount System
New Appearance Toon Sizes
Costume/Weapon Slot
Charname Color Stone
Title Stone
Guild Title System
Skills Stigma Stone
Forbidden Words Blocking
150 Member Raid
Disallow to Attack for Sitters
Disallow to Write for Sitters
Move Buffs with Alt+Right Click
Points Add +10 with Shift+Left Click
Points Add All with Alt+Left Click
Leader Summon Rune
Own Kill
Reward for Specific Kill
3v3 System
Welcome Notice
Who Joined Game Notice
Skills Awards with Vet Manager
Item Awards with Vet Manager
Wep Enchant Heal Bonus System
Hourly Raffle
Craft System
Unlimited Potion
Locked Map
Item Destination
Mantle Nick Color and Title System
Acessory Stigma System
Battleground Buttons
Battle Royale System
Battle Pass System
Summon Destination
Auto Raid Command Button
Raid Buff
Drop List in Game
2nd Slot Quick Potion (Soon)
Player Stattics Command (Restart Kill Count/Online Time/Daily Kill)
Fast Transit
Faction Title Icon
Raid Button System
Raid Mark System
Raid Target Message
Duo HP Bar
Global Kills Area
Auto Balance
Daily/Weekly and Monthly Reward
Hide/Show Status
Bounty and Killstreak
Pin Code System
China Language
New Faction Select Screen
Charname Change with Command (500K DP)
Number of Online Players for Faction
Buffs Transparent
Interface Change
Language Change
Transfer DP Point
Block Bad Word System
Mention Whisper to Call Player
Auto Notice every Hour
Discord RPC
Gamble System
Attack On/Off System
Anti Bot Security
Global Chat Channel
VS Rank Event System
Color Rulet Event
Kill Roulete Event
Parkour Event
Base ATK-HP/MP/DP Increase/Decrease Event
Quest/Answer Event
FFA Players Charname Red Color
FFA Hide Charname/Guild and Rank
Join Raid with Command and Pvp Teleport System (/raid)
Reward System with Target Kill Count (50K)
Quick Quest (Take All Quest/Reward) Button System
Solo Farming System
Relog Enchant and GM Reroll System

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