☁ gg/emojicloud☆○ emojis ⋆ emotes ⋆ soundboards ⋆ soundboard ⋆ stickers ○☆

500 emotes, 60 stickers and 40 soundboards. All carefully selected for you. (emojis,emote,soundboard,stickers,sticker)

☁emojicloud☆○ emojis ⋆ emotes ⋆ soundboards ⋆ soundboard ⋆ stickers ○☆

Created: October 02, 2018

Members: 43498

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☁️emoji-cloud aims to be the last emoji server you’ll ever want. With a total of 800 emojis, all carefully selected on basis of quality and relevance, ☁️emoji-cloud server is a must-join for all Nitro users looking to utilize their Nitro perks.

I need to get this over 300 characters lol. Join if you want to talk ig but it is an emoji server so don’t expect too many people except ME

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