♡・Serenity ꒱

₊˚ʚ ɞ﹕wholesome server for you to feel comfy in ₊˚ʚ ɞ﹕giveaways ♡ friendly community ♡ active chats + vcs ♡ gaming ♡

♡・Serenity ꒱

Created: March 17, 2020

Members: 13406

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Serenity focuses on creating a welcoming and accepting environment where people can hang out and have fun all together. We have worked for long putting all our effort to make this server a safe space to everyone and we are proud to own such a great place! Here you can play games, meet new people, join giveaways, have fun talking in active chats and vcs. The server also offers great support system always ready to assist users in need because we care about members’ safety. We are willing to keep on trying our best to grow Serenity and maintain its wholesome community.

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