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Anime/Manga, Art, Gaming, Music etc. ― A community with sharing interests! | Friendly Chat | No drama | Events & more!

✨ | Kawaii!-Universe

Created: January 18, 2018

Members: 4732

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✨ A community with love, kindness & no drama w/ a peaceful & kawaii atmosphere!
❤️ Happy vibes, emotional support & lots of cool topics to talk about! Our main topics are anime, manga, gaming, music, art, food, traveling & photography.

» We actually focus on being a peaceful community. It works so well that we even think we’re just one big family. Everyone gets along well. We want others to be part of us too, so we’re always looking forward to more dear people who decide to join.

Everyone is welcome to join. We would like everyone to have the opportunity to meet others peacefully! We look forward to your membership. ヾ(`∀´)ノ゙

Best wishes & a lot of love from us!
― Kawaii!-Universe Community

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