✩˚₊ ଓ ︰estelleʳᵏˢ ˚⊹ mental health ⟡ social ⟡ friends ⟡

A community that connects individuals for mental health support, personal growth, friendship, and meditation/art.

✩˚₊  ଓ ︰estelleʳᵏˢ ˚⊹ mental health ⟡ social ⟡ friends ⟡

Created: March 09, 2021

Members: 13334

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In our community, we prioritize the mental well-being of our members with genuine care, enthusiasm, resilience, and support. We offer resources for graphic arts and decor to enable them to create their own unique community space. Our aim is to foster a sense of kinship, friendship, and tranquility, becoming a second family for those in need of love, peace, and companionship.

We are committed to expanding our community’s reach, reaching out to people worldwide, providing comfort, love, strength, and encouragement, and offering resources for them to build their own communities. Our ultimate goal is to make the world a better place and work towards preventing further instances of suicide.

Extra Details:
・Peer support and one-on-one assistance for mental health
・Minor support for decor resources and graphic design, with upcoming tech support
・Discover friendships
・Join study groups
・Connect with support groups
・Engage in mental health forums
・Thrive in a safe and supportive environment

We wish for every member of our community to feel at ease, content, and thriving within our galaxy of support and understanding. Come, join us on this journey of personal growth and development.

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