We're a talent based community - hosting daily karaoke sessions, weekly events, giveaways and much more!


Created: May 23, 2022

Members: 2435

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We are fast growing community filled with a lot of passionate musicians, singers, rapper, artists and so much more! Everyone here is very friendly and supportive no matter what skill level you’re at. We have amazing staff members, some who have professional training and knowledge music wise that are always willing to assist a member with needs, not to mention they help keep the community safe from bad people!

We host a lot of daily karaoke sessions, can sometimes last hours depending on how many people attend the session, but we also host a lot of weekly event’s such as open mic’s , talent shows and so forth! We are quite generous at times with doing giveaways each or every other week because we like to show our members we care about them and want to help support them for supporting. Not to mention we have a lot of fun earnable roles that you can get just from doing what you love to do which is performing!

We aren’t only a music community, but we are all one big loving family who looks out for one another and we hope someday to see all of our members grow into the best performers that they can be!

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