Fun and friendly community, We act out realistic roleplay scenarios and make entertaining content on gta 5 online.

Created: April 19, 2020

Members: 3683

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This community contains a variety of intriguing departments to be a part of. We are passionate about being a realistic roleplay group and hold a relaxing atmosphere. We have interesting roles and characters to play like Police, Civilian, Fire Fighter, EMS or dispatch this community is for you. We even have cool roles such as Lawyer, Judge, News Reporters, Taxi drivers, Truck drivers, Customs agents, or even construction workers and many more, You can become that here. Become a business owner as we provide every business type as well and properties of all kinds to live in. You love cars so do we… Lets see what you drive?? We can’t wait to meet your characters in the game.nnn- Advertiser/Content Creatorsn- Support teamn- Interviewersn- Staffn- Developersn- Network teamnnWe strive for great entertainment and a fun place to come. As we try hard to be a social unit it’s always welcoming having more great people come together that support the same hobby. Join us for different events, giveaways and games. We can’t wait to meet you !!!!

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