⟢ Honey’s Text Decor︰⊹ ˚ ୧

ʕ๑ᵕ ﻌ ᵕ๑ʔ Cute and friendly ♡ we post a lot of aesthetic resources〜♪

⟢ Honey’s Text Decor︰⊹ ˚ ୧

Created: February 24, 2020

Members: 148693

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━━━☆ ̟ ⊹ Here at Honey’s Text Decor we’re all about providing what you need for your own server or account! Whether it be decoration, inspiration, etc. we’ll be here to help! (´๑•ω•๑`)
˚ ̟ ♩━━━━━━꒰՞⸝⸝ᴗ ·̫ ⊂՞꒱♩♡ ━━━━━━♩ ̟ ˚
〣 Free discord server templates and decor layouts!
ɞ Username templates and ideas.
〣 Cute dividers, headers, emotes, etc.
ɞ Symbols to copy and paste ^_^
〣 Friendly and cute community.
ɞ Content of all aesthetics.
〣 LGBTQ+ supportive and very progressive space.

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One thought on “⟢ Honey’s Text Decor︰⊹ ˚ ୧”

  1. I join this server few months ago idk why they keep remove me I had friends who in the server I dint do anything wrong also idk why they remove me

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