ㆍ safe haven .ᐟ

! join for friends and vc !

ㆍ safe haven .ᐟ

Created: September 12, 2022

Members: 2058

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u2727uFF65uFF9F: *u2727uFF65uFF9F:* safe haven u2727uFF65uFF9F: *u2727uFF65uFF9FnuFE36uA4A6uA4B7u2661uA4B7uA4A6uFE36uFE36uA4A6uA4B7u2661uA4B7uA4A6uFE36uFE36uA4A6uA4B7u2661uA4B7uA4A6uFE36nnu2727. u250Ahi!! are you lonely and looking for a cool place to make new friends? then this is the server for you .u141Fnnu2727. u250Au206Dwe offer..n u2022 cute server themen u2022 lots of rolesn u2022 fun botsn u2022 150+ emojisn u2022 partnerships!n u2022 active vcn u2022 various channels (memes, selfies, truth or dare, etc..)n u2022 2k+ super cool and hot members waiting to talk to you!!nnu2727. u250Amust be 15+ to joinnnu2727. u250Ajoin us today .u141F

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