﹒︵ ⟡Sayakami Empire⊹﹒❀﹒ ⬪˙It’s spring time!‧₊˚

﹒✿﹢Sayakami Empire is filled with it's lore and many other amazing things! Be comfy and remember, it's spring time!﹒︵︵

﹒︵ ⟡Sayakami Empire⊹﹒❀﹒ ⬪˙It's spring time!‧₊˚

Created: August 09, 2020

Members: 14073

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Sayakami Empire is a sfw server, containing it’s own characters that are beloved by the community. The community is welcoming, nice and friendly, any topics can be talked about as long as its sensible and meets our laws we have set for our members or how we like to call them, the sayakamians, people of our server.

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