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﹒ Windz | E-girl・Anime・Events・Gws・Social・Stickers・Music・Emotes

Created: December 31, 2022

Members: 105153

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Server Name: ﹒ Windz | E-girl・Events・Gws・Social・Stickers・Music・Emotes

Server Description:
Welcome to ﹒ Windz, the paradise for adults seeking a vibrant and fun community!

Server Topics:
– E-Girls & E-Kittens: Join our diverse community of E-Girls and E-Kittens, where you can make new friends and engage in exciting conversations!
– Verification Roles: Your safety is our priority! Verify yourself to unlock more exclusive channels and features.
– Custom Emojis: Express yourself with our collection of unique emojis designed to add a touch of fun to every message.
– Events & Giveaways: Participate in entertaining events and thrilling giveaways for a chance to win amazing prizes!
– Social Interactions: Engage in lively discussions, share your interests, and connect with like-minded individuals.
– Music & Emotes: Jam to your favorite tunes and use our extensive emote library to express your emotions.
– Stickers & Promotions: Showcase your creativity with stickers, and promote your content or projects in designated channels.
– Meetups: Organize meetups with fellow members to form lasting friendships and memories.

Server Rules:
1. Be respectful and considerate of others. Harassment and hate speech are not tolerated.
2. No NSFW content allowed in the main channels. Keep it appropriate for all ages.
3. Follow the guidelines of each channel and use them appropriately.
4. No spamming or excessive self-promotion.
5. Adhere to Discord’s Terms of Service.

Come and join us at ﹒ Windz, where you’ll find a warm and engaging community of individuals eager to share their experiences and create lasting connections. Together, let’s make this server a haven for fun, entertainment, and friendship!

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