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AC is a music and visual arts community dedicated to fostering growth, development and collaboration among its members.

AC Community

Created: June 10, 2018

Members: 2103

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AC is a music and visual arts community founded in the summer of 2018. Since our conception, we have been collectively focused on expanding the reach of accessible community support and resources to as many producers as possible through every stage of their musical journey.

As a member of AC you will have access to a variety of production, feedback, and artistic resource channels, as well as weekly live track feedback sessions, a broad spectrum of server-wide events such as production challenges, community sample pack creation, music festivals, and our multi-year annual awards show.

Listen to some of our community work on our SoundCloud page below, visit our Instagram to keep up on new events within the community, and check out our YouTube page to view some of our longer form content such as our 2021 and 2022 ACCAs (AC community awards) ceremony!

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