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Created: July 05, 2021

Members: 1342

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୧ ─ Adonis! ⌒⌒
・・╰╮ you’ve been invited to Adonis~
we are . . .
⸝⸝ a welcoming community
☁️ ⊹ 。˚
⸝⸝ a pastel themed server
⊹ 。˚
⸝⸝ an active server with many assignable roles
✦ come join us !
・── ・── ・── ・── ・── ・──・・──・
This server is about hanging out with your fellow mates, having a group conversation in VC, and honestly its about everything ranging from gaming to music. We are one of the friendliest servers with active discord users. Join us to make our community grow or help us in doing so by becoming a mod/admin in our server.

Seeking a place to share your thoughts & creations? Creative Thoughts is all about collaborating, sharing, conversing, and more! We have a wide variety of topics however we’re always listening to suggestions from the community & a lot of emojis, discord bio design etc. which we hope you will love.

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