Welcome to "AJREarlyReleases", the largest server for the band AJR, an American indie-pop trio from New York.


Created: August 16, 2021

Members: 8803

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AJREarlyReleases Discord, officially the largest AJR Discord!

This server was created with the intent to connect the already massive AJR fanbase into one solid Discord community. We offer a place for any fans (new and old) to interact with other fans!

We provide the latest details about the AJR news, including:
– Some of the fastest AJR news available online!
– The latest notifications for AJR-related content!
– Up-to-date information about upcoming releases!

We are provide to have the most active AJR Discord community as well as to offer a friendly and welcoming community for everyone and anyone!

We don’t just focus on AJR though, we make this place as welcoming as possible for even the newest members to get adjusted!
– Frequent events to enjoy with others!
– Contests for everyone to participate in! ️
– Giveaways (whenever possible)!
– Frequent activities (such as question of the week, music of the week, and polls)!

The AJREarlyReleases Discord is excited to be the premier place for the community to interact, and we hope you’ll join us!

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