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Anime forever is a place where all anime/gaming fans can enjoy a safe and fun community with giveaways and epic emotes!

Anime Forever│✦ Emotes ✦ Nitro ✦ Social ✦ Games

Created: April 14, 2019

Members: 32985

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We are an anime based community that has been around for 2 years . We offer a space where everyone can socialise , discuss their opinions , and meet other people throughout the world . We are a themed server that changes theme based on our members suggestions . Each month is different and unique .

• Bot games channels (Mudae , Anigame , Poketwo dank memer and more!)

•Venting channels. Feel like you need someone to talk with? Our supportive community has got your back , people will be around to discuss your problems with you and offer support . Everyone is welcomed here !!!

•Guilds : We know the importance of hanging around with your friends and we have taken a unique approach to encouraging friendships in our servers . Guilds allow you to team up with you friends and content with other powerful gifts to win medals and hardcore prizes ranging from pools of xp to nitro and even cash prizes bigger than before !!!

•Professional staff team : Our server is constantly being monitored by our professional and highly trained staff team. No question here is stupid .

Dont wait up join us now!!

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