Anime Pirates

Chill, up to date Anime & Manga server to meet interesting people Active 50+ Bots Big Giveaway's 500 Emotes

Anime Pirates

Created: April 30, 2018

Members: 103224

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─〴 We offer,

୧∶ A friendly Community ・✦
୧∶ Active chats・✦
⚔️୧∶ Chill Staff・✦
୧∶ Weekly Anime/Manga events・✦
୧∶ Bots like Mudae, Dank Memer, Karuta, anigame …・✦
⚔️୧∶ Giveaways from PayPal to Nitros・✦
୧∶ Partnerships & self promotions・✦

We are a friendly, community-based discord server. Come join us on Anime Pirates!
We have many channels to choose from and we have a great staff team that will help you get started.

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