Army’s Chillin | Stream Love Me Again!

The largest and #1 server to stay updated w/ BTS. Non-Kpop fans welcomed. We host karaoke nights, let your voice shine!

Army’s Chillin | Stream Love Me Again!

Created: June 04, 2020

Members: 215810

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This server is themed around BTS, one of South Korea’s most popular, talented, and influential boy bands. With these seven members, they have formed a massive community worldwide, our objective is to offer a safe space for fans — to connect, socialize, make new friends, have fun, and feel accepted — all through one spacious, welcoming Discord server. Regardless of whether someone is a fan or not, we still turn towards them with open arms, everyone is acknowledged! We have many subcategories, here’s to name a few: Media (memes, artwork, edits), Other Interests (anime, gaming, homework study/help), Language Chat Rooms (Filipino/Tagalog, Indonesian, Korean, Hindi, and more). Though we are focused and centered, we guarantee to make room to ensure no one is being left in the crowd. Not only do we keep our community updated, but we also host giveaways and events (game/movie nights) to maintain engagement. Any measures are taken to increase server activity, moderation is fair, active, and timezone-friendly. Ultimately, we truly cherish our members and their ability to let themselves free and become unafraid of any lingering insecurities, at armys chillin, this is a place for ANYONE.

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