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The Art Nexus is a hub for all fandoms Safe and SFW for everyone Giveaways and events! Art channels for you to share!

Art Nexus

Created: August 22, 2022

Members: 4046

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The Art Nexus is for artistic expression in all forms of the word! For art enthusiasts, artists and writers alike! We create a positive and inviting ‘safe for work’ space for our members to show off their incredible skills and talents. From written stories, one-shots and ongoing tales to traditional and digital art pieces like comics, crafts, and rendered pieces,paper or screen.

We offer live events using the discord stage channels with our youtube partners to entertain and interact with our community. We host themed art events and we have giveaways with nitro rewards to support discord. We offer our community a positive and ‘safe for work’ environment to showcase their artistic works from: writing, digital and traditional art of all forms from crafts, comics and fully rendered pieces. We offer other various activities to entertain such as: a text channel to discuss theories for an assortment of media to roleplay forums to act out scenes and step into whole new worlds, fueled by their imagination.

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