BDO Striker/Mystic Discord

Official server for Strikers and Mystics in Black Desert Online. Come hang out, chat, and learn about the classes!

BDO Striker/Mystic Discord

Created: April 20, 2017

Members: 60176

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We’re here to provide accurate information about the Striker and Mystic classes of the Black Desert Online MMORPG game. Our guide channels are designed to be easy to follow and understand, so if interaction isn’t really your thing, you can still learn a thing or two without having to turn to Google and its questionable content. However, if you love to chit chat, you’ll fit right in with our active community. Even if you don’t play either classes or even the game itself, you’re still welcome to join and hang out – we have social channels where members can post about non-BDO things, including other games, music, and more.

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