Berk’s Dragon Academy

We're building all of HTTYD, setting up a server with NPC's, quests, battles, and a player-driven story!

Berk's Dragon Academy

Created: September 25, 2022

Members: 1428

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Have you ever wondered what a How to Train Your Dragon Minecraft server would be like? Imagine a screen-accurate map of the entire Barbaric Archipelago, filled with Vikings, yaks, sheep, and of course, dragons! Embrace roles such as chieftains, dragon riders, evil warlords, dragon trappers, or even farmers, fishermen, and traders. If this immersive experience piques your interest, our community is perfect for you!

Introducing Berk’s Dragon Academy, a dedicated team striving to bring the How to Train Your Dragon universe to life through a meticulously crafted Minecraft Java map! Our team is creating the islands you adore from the films, shorts, and TV series, with the ultimate goal of providing an engaging and fun world for HTTYD fans to explore their wildest fantasies.

In addition to our map project, we have also started working on developing our own mod to further enhance the HTTYD experience in Minecraft Java.

The Berk’s Dragon Academy server keeps you updated on our project through teasers and progress updates, while also enabling you to connect with fellow community members during server-hosted events like movie nights! If you’re eager to be part of an exciting HTTYD community and witness the project’s development, we’re thrilled to welcome you to Berk!

We can’t wait to see you all soon!

The Berk’s Dragon Academy Team

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