Black Metal Forest

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Black Metal Forest

Created: April 14, 2023

Members: 1659

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Are you tired of toxic black metal servers? Well come on down to Black Metal Forest, we welcome all Black metal fans, DSBM fans, Dungeon synth fans, and all Metal fans here

Black Metal Forest is also open for partnerships and suggestions to help grow and improve the server

In the server, we offer

Album of the Week (A.O.T.W) and Band of the Month (B.O.T.M) polls

Movie and Game nights

Lots of self assignable reaction roles

Lots of Emotes, Emote gifs and stickers


Friendly, fun and active community and staff members

Interactive and fun bots!

Loads of social chats and media channels

Join now! And if you have any questions, please DM Shintetnun

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