The official community for blackbear! Meet cubs and find info on upcoming music, tour dates, and more!


Created: February 17, 2021

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We’re the official Discord server for the highly talented and multifaceted musician blackbear. Here, you can expect tons of likeminded people who enjoy bear’s music – whether R&B, electro-pop, or punk.

Wanna find out ticket info or who’s going to the same show as you? Try our tour channel. Itching to hear the moment bear launches new merch or drops a song? Turn on our special announcements! We even provide a question of the day all about him to ignite some discussion.

But that doesn’t mean we’re limited to just bear himself. We share all kinds of other music, games, and even our own creations for feedback. We offer a place to vent for when you’re feeling down. We take selfies and show off our pets. And, of course, we love memes.

Prefer to speak in a language other than English? We have several international language channels (e.g. Portuguese) where you can converse with other native speakers!

Ban Appeals: bit dot ly slash bearcordbans

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