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Block Ape Scissors : pioneering a world-class gaming ecosystem that marries traditional gaming with WEB3 Technology

Block Ape Scissors

Created: June 14, 2021

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The Block Ape Scissors Community is a place to meet like minded people looking to be part of a revolutionary Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem driven by, and focused on its members. YOU!nnBlock Ape Scissors is a Blockchain Game Studio & Service Provider. We are building Blockchain Games for a Game Asset Economy. You will OWN your in-game items, skins, upgrades & more! nnOur revolutionary Smart Contract Targetable NFTs will bring their traits to games as cosmetics & in-game modifiers to enhance your experience. Seamless Web3 integrations will mean no disruption to game flow or user experience.nnOur Product & Solution stack removes challenges in Web3 & Blockchain Gaming to enable mass production.nnThis combination of tools & technology will forge the path to the next generation of Gaming for the masses.nnIt is our mission to accelerate the transition to Web3, Metaverse & Blockchain Gaming Technology to become the world’s leading Metaverse & Blockchain Gaming Entertainment provider.nnWe will provide better Gamified Experiences with Asset Ownership to our users and build the tools to simplify the creation of NFTs, Blockchain Games and Metaverse Experiences, for all.nnWelcome to the Jungle!

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