Bloons TD 6

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Bloons TD 6

Created: December 03, 2019

Members: 46903

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We, Primarily, are a community with an interest in a multi-platform tower defense game called Bloons Tower Defense 6(Also Known As BTD6). Our main goal is helping new members progress and get better at the game while simultaneously making new friends with the same interest. The server is owned by a popular Youtuber in the community, FenixKillah. Among the things mentioned, we also enjoy having veteran players who have much experience in the game to discuss the more complex game mechanics with them to better the skill of the players. The staff team in our server is some of the most talented and diverse people to head the development of the server. On occasions, We also host Giveaways, Certain In-Game events and much more to keep the community happy and interested in the game for longer.

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