Bluemoon x Legion Network

Bluemoon is the first collaborative NFT marketplace with an integrated social metaverse.

Bluemoon x Legion Network

Created: December 13, 2021

Members: 90311

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This is the official server for Bluemoon and Legion Network.

Upon our inception, we had hopes of developing an active community of 100,000 people on our application within our first 3 months of launching Legion Network. We had acquired over 4 million real users within 60 days of launching.

Our Discord blew up to over 250,000 users… then we got hacked.
Groups were deleted, at least 50% of members were pruned and we were back to building.

We are currently gearing up to our launch of Bluemoon where members can expect exclusive insights, daily giveaways, and non-stop action.

Why should you join?…

The honest answer is you shouldn’t join if you don’t want to.

If you are the kind of person that appreciates an active community, you’re interested in the start-up journey, you’re knowledgeable or wanting to acquire further knowledge about Blockchain, Web3, and Crypto, and you’re generally awesome then this server MIGHT be for you.

Exciting times ahead my friend.

See you soon!

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