Boom Slingers

Official Discord for Boom Slingers - a turn-based action game available on Google Play, The App Store and Steam!

Boom Slingers

Created: October 11, 2018

Members: 8683

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__**Welcome to the Official Boom Slingers Discord Server!**__

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**What is Boom Slingers?**

Boom Slingers is a turn-based 2D shooter game with over 2,000,000 players on iOS, Android, and Steam currently in-development by Boom-Corp and SuperSonic Studios!. Fight epic 1v1s across the globe in Worms / Angry Birds turn-style combat with real people! With over 50 Unique Weapons, 80 Cute (and collectible!) Characters and Tons of Cosmetics to choose from- Boom Slingers is the mobile game you’ve been waiting for!

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**What can I do in this Server?**

Here you can do fun stuff, like share your ship-arts, play of the games or just chat with other people! We also do frequent Giveaways and Community Events, with in-game resources (such as Hats, Boom Passes and Gems) as prizes!

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**So what are you waiting for? Come in and join the fun!**

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