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This server is for discussing BoxMiningX, the best minecraft server, making friends, and helping out others!

BoxMiningX | Minehut

Created: February 10, 2021

Members: 4081

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This server is all about hanging out with friends, playing BoxMiningX, the best Minecraft server and grtinding.
BoxMiningX is a Minecraft server, part of Minehut. In BoxMiningX, you need to grind for your gear and PvP. Grinding isn’t that easy because this server is meant to be a hard grinding box server (something like prison servers but better)
How to start playing BoxMiningX?
When you join, you receive a Diamond Pickaxe which will help you to mine stuff to upgrade your gear. The easiest way to evolve is by upgrading your pickaxe first.
There is a 30 minutes protection for the new members, so they will be able to grind without being killed by maxed out players.

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