Branching Barter

Welcome to Branching Barter! We are a friendly bartering and trading community welcoming of all demographics.

Branching Barter

Created: March 20, 2022

Members: 1458

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We are so excited to see your interest in Branching Barter! BB is a diverse and inclusive community based on trading (and bartering) an assortment of goods without the stress of monetary exchanges. Whether it be digital art, crystals, thrifts, or otherwise, you name your offer, and you get what you want. nnWe are largely an LGBTQIA+ community, and supportive of all varieties of queer, BIPOC, and neurodivergent communities. BB is owned by a queer and neurodiverse advocate who works locally in his county as an activist, this is a safe space.nnEveryone who has worked on building this community has placed safety and generosity first to allow you to indulge in exchanges without worry. So many people are unable to receive arts and crafts without the concern of expense, but here you are able to! And with the preventative measures we have put in place as well as taught others, we can ensure that trades remain fair and equitable. After all, money means nothing here, value is what you make of it!nnWe engage in monthly events meant to encourage creativity and social mixing. They range from fast paced Craft Battles, to holiday exchanges and pride month art contests.nImportantly, we spotlight our creators on our social media pages so that we can promote both us and you. Not only do we spotlight people who win contests and competitive events, but we share everyone who even just participates with us.nnWe welcome you to share your creations and other items, make trade offers, socialize, and overall enjoy your time. Art, traditional or digital, services, yarn work, wood carving, felting, thrifts, family recipes, handcrafted jewelry, crystals, wigs, clothes, oddities, and more, itu2019s all up for offer.nnWelcome to the world of Branching Barter!

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