Brawl Central – [Smash Bros.]

Home of the modern Super Smash Bros Brawl community. We play on Dolphin Netplay (PC) and Wiimmfi (Wii)

Brawl Central - [Smash Bros.]

Created: December 02, 2015

Members: 2298

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The Central place for everything Brawl.
The official home of the modern Super Smash Bros. Brawl community.

We’re a big group of people that play Super Smash Bros. Brawl (for Nintendo Wii), some of us have been playing since Brawl’s release, others joined recently and basically grew up on Netplay.

Labbing things is one of our passions, as finding out new things about the game is very exciting. The tactical and strategic aspects that Brawl brings to the table over other games in the series (that are more combo-focused and punish based) are some of the things that keep us playing Brawl.
Civil discussions are often held in multiple channels depending on the subject.

Getting Brawl back on the map is our goal, by hosting our own online tournaments, and by trying to get brawl at more offline events. Aside from that we are trying to push more content and social media posts out the door to spread the word that Brawl has been and is in fact still around.

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