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Puzza Hut

Created: May 28, 2021

Members: 2371

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Puzza Hut is a modded PvP based server for Minecraft 1.16+. Puzza Hut has over 1000 members, and has been a thing since 2021! Puzza Hut is currently one of the largest Minecraft Anarchy communities out there.

– Modded PvP
– One of the largest Minecraft Modded PvP communities
– Big Community (1k+ members!)
– Configurations
– Get notifications for in game events

Puzza Hut does not endorse the usage of ‘pvp mods/utility mods’ on servers where as they are not permitted. Puzza Hut does not endorse cheating. Puzza Hut only endorses the usage of ‘pvp mods/utility mods’ on servers in which they are intended to be used on. Discussing/promoting the usage of these game modifications on servers where they are not permitted will result in a punishment.

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