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This is the Fan-Based Discord community server of the Second most followed TikTokker Charli D'amelio! Join now!

Charli D'Amelio FanHub

Created: January 18, 2023

Members: 1828

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This is the Charli D’amelio FanHub, one of many discord FanHub community servers. This server is a Fan-based discord community server, where you can meet new people who are a fan, or a simp of Charli D’amelio.

Charli D’amelio is an 18-year-old TikTok star, she is the second largest creator in followers with over 150 Million Followers. She is mainly known for her TikTok dances, but also for her brand, and many other things.

We have a lot of things on the server, so now we give you a short tour. We have a handful of Information channels, some of which are very important. Rules, Make sure you always read the rules before chatting because you don’t want to be kicked/muted or even banned without even knowing what was against the server rules. In the announcements channel, there will be information sent, and giveaways will also be hosted there. In the Charli Info channel, you will see all the socials of Charli D,amelio.
For the Chatting channels, we made it very easy, We have a general chat for all topics and a Level-Up channel to check your level, a channel where you can Bump the server. For the minigames we have Counting, a fun game where you have to count with multiple people. And the very popular bot Dank Memer.
We also have a TikTok, Instagram, and a YouTube channel if Charli D’amelio Uploads something.
We have an exclusive section where you can unlock content on levels 3,5 and 10. We also have exclusive chats such as a level 3+ chat, and an exclusive voice channel.

1. You will get a Booster Role,
2. Able to change server Nickname
3. Access to the level 5+ chat
4. 15% more XP than usual
5. Level 3+ and booster Voice channel
6. Use external Emoji’s and Stickers from other servers
7. Able to Screen Share, and use a webcam in Voice Channels
8. Use Activities in Voice channels
9. Able to use soundboard and External Sounds

In the server, we work with a level rewards system. You can grind for roles/perks by chatting. The levels you will receive roles and perks are 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25.

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