Welcome to the official server. Join in to talk about chess, connect and learn from other fellow chess lovers.

Created: December 05, 2017

Members: 77341

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The official Discord server is there to satisfy all of your Chess needs! Connect with 30,000+ fellow Chess fans in various different ways, whether that’s forums, chatting, calling, or watching each other’s streams.

The server has exclusive integration with the website to make the two feel more connected to each other. For example, you will receive rating roles based on your ratings automatically! The profiles of members will also be accessible directly inside of Discord for ease of access. Oh, and did you know you can solve unlimited puzzles here?!

Last but not least, any link to a Chess game will automatically be displayed as an interactive board inside of Discord! That way you can show off your latest brilliant moves without anyone having to leave the channel you were chatting in!

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