An OCE based gaming community who play multiple games competitively and casually based on interest within the community.


Created: April 10, 2019

Members: 2641

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Chimera is about community, teamwork and mateship. We play game casually and competitively depending on the community interest. We have a wide variety of games members of the community play, with monthly raffles, prizes and community driven fun.

Chimera has core games of the community such as Hell Let Loose, ARMA and Scum, where servers are provided by Chimera. All money raised in the community, goes back into the community.

Chimera is about getting online to play games with old friends, new people and growing the community of OCE. Chimera is about being there for each other, having a safe, fun place to enjoy gaming and discussions.

The question isnt why should I join Chimera, the question is, why shouldn’t I!

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