Chromatic League

Pokémon league with custom mods [Reborn/Rejuv Fields] to enrich the metagame. Open to all competitive and casual players

Chromatic League

Created: December 17, 2018

Members: 1094

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A Poku00E9mon server dedicated to let you share and expand your Poku00E9mon experiences with us. Competitive Battling, Casual Playthroughs, Fan Games, Singles, Doubles, regular events, Draft League, and other content.nnWe use our custom format of fields and crests to spice up standard monotype teams you always see, keeping it interesting and allowing you to see a larger and more creative roster of Pokemon through your challenge while keeping it to a relatively equal challenge level. nIf you want to be a gym leader, you won’t regret it. nIf you’re looking to become champion, we provide a challenge like no other. nnDraft: We hold a draft league alongside our regular league, allowing for unique builds to be used from week to week. nEvents: We hold regular events both modded and unmodded to cater to everyone’s needs, as well as holding for fun gameshows, tournaments to other smaller fun events. Some aren’t even Pokemon related! There’s always something to do here.nnSo talk, participate, observe, whatever you like, you’re always welcome. nWe’re very glad that we can share this project and this server with you.

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