The Chuu'iest server on discord! We have games, events, regular giveaways and loads more to do!!


Created: January 21, 2021

Members: 2214

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Come and join us as we applaud Chuu’s efforts to save the world, swoon over her Chuu Chomp and have our hearts melted by her high notes!

We have the following chuu offer you in our tiny little corner of the chuu’ternet!

❤️ • Chuu chat with a super friendly and loving community!
❤️ • Chuu Spam, post whatever Chuu stuff you want at the frequency you desire, SPAM AWAY!
❤️ • Large role Shop and our own chuucoin, with roles ranging from super cheap to ridiculously expensive!
❤️ • Loads of bots, including Chuu’topia bot with endless kpop pics!
❤️ • Our own dedicated and custom Java Minecraft Server!
❤️ • Watch Parties and gaming sessions!
❤️ • Giveaways and Events!
❤️ • Did I mention Chuu already?
❤️ • Might occasionally talk about Loona too!
❤️ • It’s also completely, 100% safe and non toxic!

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