Creators helping creators. Started ex-YouTube & Instagram employee Jon Youshaei.


Created: May 11, 2021

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After working at YouTube & Instagram for 8 years, I’m excited to start this community.

It’s for creators helping creators grow on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok & more. Here’s what to expect:

1) Office Hours: ask a question or share a problem you’re facing so we can help out. Don’t worry. There are no dumb questions. We’ve been there.

2) Creator News: discuss creator economy news, trends, algorithm changes, etc (and how it’ll impact you as a creator)

3) Creator Interviews: discuss insights/tips from my interviews with top creators like Logan Paul, Paris Hilton, Jake Paul, Mark Rober, and more.

4) Roast: share your videos, thumbnails, text posts, anything you’re creating for honest feedback

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