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Created: December 22, 2017

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This community server was created 5 years ago with one goal in mind: **Educate people** about crypto and the different projects around it. nnSince then, more people joined us and our team grew along with it, offering multiple ways to **learn and profit** from it:nnnuD83DuDD38**Reading about new projects** will make you aware of every steps of a fast moving field.nnuD83DuDD38**Learning** how to do a proper Technical Analysis will make you master of your own trading decisions.nnuD83DuDD38**Being part of a Community** will help you grow faster.nnuD83DuDD38**Professional Traders** showing you the way: Profiting from a trade has never been this easy.nnuD83DuDD38**Post your Trading Setups** and have them Corrected by Crypto Veteransnn**Join us and start Learning now!**

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