Da Homies

Welcome to Da Homies! This is DuckyDee's Channel Discord! We're a open community, so we hope you enjoy your stay here!

Da Homies

Created: July 24, 2019

Members: 52703

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This server is a haven where you can send memes, even if they’re a bit on the offensive side! This server is made/run by a youtuber by the name of DuckyDee, and he picks out the best memes from the server and reacts to them live on stream! We have an active community, and some fun events and giveaways too on occasion. Our server manager and other staff are working hard to get new ideas for fun things we can do! Join this server if you want to have fun posting offensive and normal memes, make some nice friends, or to just have a good laugh. Stay Quackin!

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