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The official Discord server for Dauntless, a free-to-play action RPG in which players must hunt down savage Behemoths.

Dauntless Official

Created: December 02, 2016

Members: 61387

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**Dauntless** is a massively multiplayer action RPG where you team up with other Slayers to hunt down powerful creatures called Behemoths. Explore the furthest reaches of the Shattered Isles as you quest, craft, and fight to take down increasingly dangerous foes, all while forging your legend as a Slayer of Ramsgate.

**Sprint, dodge, and dash off combos** with a wide range of action-packed weapons. Whether you focus on one or master them all is up to you.

**Customize every aspect** of your Slayer’s appearance and make changes whenever you want. With an always-accessible character creator, hundreds of armour pieces, and emotes for every mood, you’re free to get creative.

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