Davos Protocol

Harness the power of Liquid Staking Tokens to mint DUSD, an inflation-proof stablecoin, and unlock the future of DeFi. ⚡

Davos Protocol

Created: May 25, 2022

Members: 10627

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In a world riddled with negative yields, unsustainable yields, and inflation, Davos Protocol puts itself forward as a sustainable building block focused on the creation of a sustainable financial system. Davos Protocol believes that a New Era has dawned upon all constituents where a fully decentralized economy is to be formed where wellbeing and growth are seated around the same table along with sustainability and real yield.

Constituents around the globe have endured tumultuous times and there appears to be no end in sight – yet. A New Era has dawned, one which may be referred to as The DeFi Renaissance, a period poised to revive ideas, achievements, and co-operation in order to achieve the original purpose – An Accessible, Decentralized, Sustainable, and Real Financial System.

The future of such a system resides upon many core pillars. One of those core pillars being a fully decentralized and sustainable stablecoin backed by Real Yield opportunities.

Join us in our voyage to promote growth around the DUSD stablecoin in a sustainable and co-operative manner following a Multi-Stakeholder approach. This journey starts with you.

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