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CGN Esports

Created: April 02, 2019

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CGN Esports is an upcoming esports brand headquartered on the RFH Campus in Cologne, Germany.
Launched in 2020, the organization aims to enable gamers, streamers and fans alike to pursue their passion for esports. CGN is an organization with an unique approach, striving to conquer every field of esports it competes in.
CGN is on a mission to gather fans and believers around the globe.

Creating an increasingly professionalised home of esports for all of our players, streamers and partners, in order to make them thrive and follow their ambitions to become successful in the world of esports.
An organization that is integrated into the competitive scene, while also being visible to the outside world and constantly reaching for higher grounds. We aim to constantly develop our presence, so that our players and partners can realize their full potential in esports.
Being an inspiration to everyone who feels passionate about gaming. We aspire to elevate the field of esports and lead our players to successful careers. Exposing a wide audience to the amazing stories of European esports.

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