Demon’s Souls

The Demon's Souls Discord community. Home of the Private Server. We support PS3, RPCS3, PS5 & Elden Ring. Umbasa!

Demon's Souls

Created: November 08, 2016

Members: 39726

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Welcome to the home of the Demon’s Souls community!

In the Demon’s Souls Discord, a caring and longstanding community, you can link up with other players for anything that suits your needs, be it Coop, PvP or trading in any Demon’s Souls version (PS3, RPCS3, PS5). We also have Elden Ring channels!

We are the home and origin of the Demon’s Souls Private Server, and here you can find instructions, troubleshooting and support.

The community has helped donate over $25000 to 400+ charities around the world through the work of incredible people and the individual donations of over 1400 amazing community members.

Join us if you love video games and the friendships that can arise from shared interest, and if you are looking for a community server that is cared for and well-maintained.

We also like cats, every day of the week and medieval castles.

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