Divine Anarchy

NFT Project on the Ethereum block chain. Check us out at divineanarchy.com

Divine Anarchy

Created: September 01, 2021

Members: 73246

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Your first quest into Web3!

Tutorials are done, and your skills are leveled up.

Now, it’s time to apply them in the wide world of Divine Anarchy, where you can explore the complex world of Web3 and everything it offers.

So, what does that mean? To put it simply, Divine Anarchy is a platform for citizens for educational and entertaining crypto-native experiences, a gateway into a new world.

In this world, where everyone is welcome, you can learn the skills, vocabulary, and culture of NFTs, RPGs, and WEB 3 to venture forth as confidently as possible.

As a citizen and holder of Divine Anarchy, you are never alone.

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