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DiscordDiscord v5.7.9 is a communication app that allows the people who love playing game on their smartphone to connect with each other. Discord v5.7.9 allows the gamers to interact with each other through personal chats and through group chats. You can use the app for making your winning strategies. Also you can join different gaming communities present here to take part in the updated conversation. One can check who is playing what game on Discord v5.7.9. It is one of the finest gaming chat platform which is available there. The app also flaunts voice channels, which can again be enjoyed by the users who are interested in it.

Discord v5.7.9 supports both voice and text messages. Along with text, you can share voice messages in the app. The push notification gives you instant updates of the activities taking place in the app.

Features of Discord v5.7.9

Here are the impressive features of Discord v5.7.9

  • Join chat communities.
  • Texts, images and videos can be shared.
  • It allows to check who is online.
  • With a link, you can invite your friends.
  • The app supports cross platform notifications.
  • 2-step verification is supported.
  • The app supports push to talk and voice detection modes.
  • The app allows to check what games your friends are playing.
  • It supports group chat.
  • It supports text and voice messages.
  • It is a cross platform app.
  • It supports one to one text.
  • Gaming chat platform.
  • Join voice channels.

Now that you know the features of Discord v5.7.9, let me tell you how you can download and install Discord v5.7.9 on your Android device.

Download Discord v5.7.9

You can download and install Discord v5.7.9 on your Android device by following our step guide given below.

  1. Go to “Settings” and enable “Unknown Sources”.
  2. Download Discord v5.7.9
  3. Tap on the downloaded file.
  4. Open it and then tap on “Install”
  5. Wait for the installation process to be completed.
  6. Tap on the app icon to launch Discord v5.7.9

You can now interact with other gamers on Discord v5.7.9

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