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discord art ogoThe Discord app is a great app for group and community chatting.

This app is primarily designed to create a community of players and communication, but you can use the Discord app for any type of communication. It allows you to communicate with your friends and have fun with text, voice and video.

The latest Discord app is divided into servers and each server has its own members, topics, rules and channels. This app allows you to have voice and video chats and broadcast games and other programs live from your computer.

Features of Discord v63.3

Below are some great features of the Discord app:

  • It organises text feeds so you have plenty of room to talk. You can share your daily events, incidents or at any time with your friends without stopping a group chat.
  • The voice channels located here make it easy for you to video chat. At your leisure, you can take a seat on any voice channel. Without calling your friends, you’ll see that you’re close by and can drop in for a chat.
  • Reliable technology is used to stay close to this app. Voice and video with low latency give you the feeling that you are speaking from the same room.
  • This Discord app is a great platform to stay close to your friends. You can say hello to your friends in the video, watch the games your friends are streaming or share the screen with friends.
  • With this Discord app for Android you can turn any image into your own emoticons and share them with friends.
  • Share curiosities in the latest group photos and pin your favourites.
  • You can use this app to play games, chat with friends on the server and make new friends.
  • Create server by yourself, search or join other servers by accepting invitations. You can then start chatting with your friends on the server channels.

Bug fixes in Discord v63.3

  • Reduced idle computer usage. Fixed a bug where Discord was using more of your computer’s resources when idle than we needed.
  • Fixed audio crunch. Have you ever sang Happy Birthday in a server with your pals only for it to sound like fireworks full of Pop Rocks a couple of notes in? Fixed! It should sound much better if many people try to speak (or sing) at the same time now.
  • Fixed screen share status bug. After screen sharing on your phone, you should have a considerably less likely chance of seeing your screen share status stuck on desktop.
  • Fixed reply jumping text bug. Sometimes when using replies, you’d see the text jump when the message sends. Yea that was annoying and now gone.
  • For those who can’t help but updating Discord during calls: If you try to update while in voice, you’ll now get a warning. You’re going to do it anyway, but hey, at least it’s on you now.
  • A big change to images hosted by Discord, aka posted in chat. You can now right click > copy or save an image without clicking into it. Big improvement for all my fellow “diary server” people where it’s only you, a bunch of text channels, and the images you dump in chat to save for later.
  • Direct message improvements. You can now see your mutual servers and also accept, reject, send friend requests, block, and unblock people in your one-on-one DMs.
  • Mobile screen share now available on iPad. So you can now do art together, play mobile games on your tablet, and watch Robert get his math homework wrong for the 5th time from the comfort of your bed.
  • Added multi-stream mute button. When watching multiple streams at a time, switching streams to mute them is a bit of a hassle. We added a small mute button on video streams in grid view when you hover on the tiles.
  • Added forward and back navigation key binds. Jump quickly between channels you were just in. For Mac: ⌘ + [ and ⌘ + ]. For Windows: Alt + Left Arrow and Alt + Right Arrow. Left Arrow let’s stomp. Right Arrow let’s stomp. Take it back now, y’all.
  • Updated account settings log in. It’s now easier to add a phone number to your account so you can have more options to easily login with either an email or phone number.
  • Better error message for non-accessible servers. You now get a fancy popup if you click on a message link to a server you’re not in instead of staring at a blank wall wondering where you went wrong in life…
  • Shortcuts for emoji are now recognized at the end of a line. For example, typing “Discord is my favorite chat app in the whole world :)” will now turn the ‘:)’ into :smiley:
  • Role colors and nicknames now live update in chat. Previously, if someone had a role change or updated their nickname, only newly loaded messages would use the latest color or nickname. Those should live update now and should display consistently throughout the client so the shadow of your former self is no longer haunting chat.
  • Video popout improvement. When popping out a video, you will be auto-magically returned to the last text channel that you visited in that server instead of randomly being dropped in a text channel with a map, compass, and 50 feet of hempen rope to find your way back.
  • Fixed a long-time bug on Mac that would show Discord as “Not Responding” in the task manager even when working properly.

Download Discord v63.3

  1. Download Discord v63.3 for your device.
  2. Open it and then tap on “Install”
  3. Wait for the installation process to be completed.
  4. Tap on the app icon to launch Discord v63.3
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