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Created: July 26, 2022

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Welcome to the server, babes! This community is for all you egirls, eboys, and iconics out there. We’re here to spill the tea, show off our lewks, and stan our fave celebs.

The server is lit AF and full of unproblematic kings and queens. We keep things light and unfiltered, so leave your bad vibes at the door! There’s a channel for all your interests – show off your latest nail art in #nail-inspo, flex your OOTD in #OOTD-queens, or share your fave song of the moment in #tunes.

We’re all about living that best e-life, whether you’re posting a selfie to get some hype in #selfie-slayage or sharing your fave meme in #lolz. No one’s judging you for changing your profile pic three times a day or binging the latest BTS vlive at 3am. Do your thing, we support you!

The server’s always lit with the dankest memes, the sweetest clapbacks, and all the piping hot tea. But that don’t mean there’s no space for real talk too. If you’re feeling yourself today drop an emoji, if you’re feeling spicy tag a cutie in #single-pringles, or if you’re feeling blue don’t be afraid to share – your e-fam’s got your back!

Overall we just wanna provide a space for all you iconics out there to connect over the things you stan. Chill, make friends, and unleash your creativity! Lurk or chat, all are welcome. The only requirement is that you come correct with the good vibes. So what are you waiting for? Join the fam today!

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