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Created: July 22, 2021

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Welcome to the largest gathering of Tarnished warriors on Discord. This official hub for ELDEN RING is a perfect place to meet new friends from around the world, discuss the lore and history of the Lands Between, learn tips and tricks for how to improve your play, and share creations like fanart, cosplay, and videos.

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One thought on “ELDEN RING”

  1. I was unlawfully banned from this sever, for talking back to someone who insulted my parents, people in this sever runs their mouths alot and get away with it. But I got banned for simply “being angry” and I don’t even use any swear words, I would like to appeal for my ban as I believe it wasn’t deserved. Maybe a simple 2 hour mute would be fair, but banning my indefinitely is completely unlawful.

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