Emotes CO.

The community behind TTD 3, Roblox's top social hangout experience! Join for updates, community events and giveaways!

Emotes CO.

Created: October 05, 2020

Members: 51664

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Emotes CO is the community that surrounds TTD 3, Roblox’s top social hangout experience!

This is where the developers communicate with the community and host exciting events for all members to join in with. By being a part of the server, you’ll get access to many exciting opportunities, such as giveaways and potentially careers at Emotes CO!

When you join, you should ensure that you read through our rules and informational channels. We’re committed to a safe environment for all users and we’d love if you could help us to uphold that standard!

If you need help at any time, you can find our help page at https://help.emotescorp.co .

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