Eve | Kara no Kioku | How to Eat Life

Fan server for the popular jpop artist, Eve and his manga, Kara no Kioku and Light Novel, How to Eat Life!

Eve | Kara no Kioku | How to Eat Life

Created: March 14, 2020

Members: 4995

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This server is all about Eve, a famous singer from Japan! He has done works like Dramaturgy, and has sung for Jujutsu Kaisen’s Opening: Kaikaikitan and Chainsawman’s Ending: Fight Song! He has also written a manga, Kara no kioku with illustrations by Newo, as well as creating lore of a Light Novel based on his song, How to Eat Life, in which the words are refined and polished by a Novelist, Jyumonji Ao! Join the server to talk about Jpop, Anime, Manga and everything about Eve!

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